Starting A Business As An Introvert: How To Shine Online As An Entrepreneur

November 11, 2020

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Today we have a lovely guest post by the amazing Alex Loredo

I’m so excited for her to share her wisdom all about starting a business as an introvert and how to shine online as an introvert by knowing what you’re good at. 


Alex Loredo is a freelance writer. She utilizes her knowledge and involvement with event planning and productivity to create content that motivates and inspires. She writes for Thrive Global, her blog Adventures and Coffee, and more. Alex specializes in events, hospitality, and planning topics. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee. 



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How to shine online as an entrepreneur.

You’ve always wanted to start something of your own.

Running a business seems like a dream come true.

Sound familiar?

But there’s a catch: the industry of entrepreneurship boasts a considerable amount of extroverts.

Or at least they appear to stand out the most.

While it’s intimidating to start a business as an introvert, there’s a way to get things going by utilizing your strengths.

You can work with your natural introvert qualities and succeed. 

How is this possible? By using all the things you do best: thinking, processing, and in most cases, organizing.

In fact, quiet people make great business owners because they can keep their feelings at bay and make logical decisions.

Here’s how to start a business as an introvert.



starting a business as an introvert

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1. Create a system that works for YOU

I’m convinced that what causes real success is when people do what they’re naturally good at, not when they try to be something they’re not.

For extroverts, that could be a lot of in-person networking.

But introverts are different.

Networking might sound scary, and you may need to do some things that seem uncomfortable, but it will all seem less daunting when you create a system. 

Begin by getting the word out there.

You want to use channels that allow you to think through what you want to say and express yourself well.

It will probably be through email, social media messaging, and your website.

The main thing is to find what you do well and then do a lot of it. That’s how you make a system. 

Emails are an excellent resource for getting in touch with people in your industry.

Start by sending out some messages to potential clients, or just those you’d like to collaborate with.

It can merely be an introduction or offer your service or product if you feel it would go over well.

Mostly this is to establish connections and see what people need, so no pressure!

Overall, it allows you the time to come up with how you want to present yourself. You can work on this over a few days to make sure you’re getting your words just right. However, do some research beforehand. Introverts and extroverts communicate differently through email, so know who you’re talking to.

Extroverts do not want to read long emails as often, but introverts engage better with this. 



2.Build your brand first, then let people know about it.

One of the things about being a quiet person is we prefer to work out any issues on our own and then present a finished product to others.

That’s why it’s essential to get your brand started before telling people.

Being confident will help you start a business as an introvert.

Part of this is making your website and social media look the way you want before opening yourself up to potential criticism. 

Perfection isn’t necessary, and you don’t need a million products or services. Rather, focus on being clear on what you stand for and your purpose and have graphics and a logo that reflects your business’s intentions.

The way to do this is simple. ????

Step one, write down what your business is, what you sell, etc. Get very clear on your mission.

After this, decide on colors and a logo that accurately reflects your brand.

You don’t want to change this later, so take the time to perfect it now.

And last, send the same message through all social media channels and your website. No matter what avenue people use to find you, they should see the same thing in terms of brand.

You can do this by sending out all your social media for one blog post or a web page on the same day: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

When you have a new product or service, announce it in the same way and at the same time across all channels.





3. Social media is easier than you think.

Social media is an introvert’s best friend.

It isn’t a face-to-face conversation, and you have time to think through everything before you say it or write it down. 

There are a couple of ways to start. One is by reaching out to people you know.

The other is to reach out to those you want to connect with or network with.

As I was building my brand, I decided that it was easier to reach out to potential clients than those I knew in real life.

It fit with my business model and what service I offer, so it worked out well to do this. 

However, when I began to share my blog and business ideas with family and friends, I found them supportive and encouraging.

You may find that those in your life are just as excited as you are to be involved in this journey, and it can be a blessing to have that as you embark on something new. 

Much like email, you will reach out to those you’d like to collaborate with or eventually sell your service or product through social media messaging.

Start by remarking on things with the intention to be truthful and caring.

Listening is a great way to reach out! Which brings us to our last point.



4. Listen to your clients.

This happens to be something that most introverts do exceptionally well.

Since they prefer to process things in their head and not aloud, they are great at hearing what others say – and what they aren’t saying. Read between the lines with your clients and find out how to communicate with them.

Through listening, you’ll be able to tell what they need most and maybe provide solutions for things they haven’t even thought of yet. 

Learning to start a business as an introvert can be daunting, but it is far from impossible.

It’s always a matter of understanding what works for you and then doing that.

You sometimes have to take a different route than others, but remember that people with many different personalities have started successful businesses before you.

Never underestimate how well you can do when using your best qualities.

Extreme focus is a trait of introverts, and this is helpful when beginning a business venture.

Believe in what you can accomplish, and you can and will be more successful than you ever imagined. 

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    1. Kyra says:

      Great post, Mia! As an introvert, I have struggled with finding my feet as an entrepreneur, but after reading your post, it has given me the confidence to keep pursuing blogging as a business. Thanks.

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