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Income report from an introverted entrepreneur šŸ’ø MY $20K MONTH!

I’m back with another income report from your fellow introverted entrepreneur. I haven’t done one in a while because, well, I explain in the video. A whole mindset thingy. But I’m so excited to share this video with you. šŸ„³ I don’t really create these reports for myself. It’s all for YOU. ā¤ļø I want […]

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On the blog you'll find content designed to uplevel your dream business, mindset so you can shine online and chase your dreams. I believe running an online biz (especially as an introvert) goes hand in hand with mindset and working on your personal development. 

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start a podcast as an introvert

In this week’s episode, I interview my amazing podcast manager, Cass Ponton. Cass looks after everything to do with the SDAD podcast, including the infamous blooper reel.    Join us for today’s episode where we talk about why starting a podcast is the best thing for introverted entrepreneurs, how easy it is to launch, and […]

You can TOTALLY start a podcast as an introvert with Cass Ponton šŸŽ™

podcast episode

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enter the spiritual world

Welcome back to the SDAD podcast and today we have the wonderful Sarah Aufdenblatten, talking to us about all things spiritual.  Sarah is a spiritual mindset coach (and fellow introvert, yay!) who helps women to build deeper relationships with themselves, through manifestation and goal setting. In today’s podcast, we delve into the world of spirituality […]

Entering the spiritual world with Sarah Aufdenblatten šŸ’«

podcast episode

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confidence for introverts

Feeling confident can sometimes be harder for us introverts than it is for extroverts. Introverts don’t thrive in public settings with tons of eyeballs looking their way.  *Show me the way to the nearest couch, a good book, a cup of tea and no other humans please.* Can you relate? We don’t scream the loudest. […]

How To Be More Confident As An Introvert: My Top Confidence Tips


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deep work for introverts

Today, I have an amazing guest blog post from fellow introverted blogger, Gina Lucia, from Limit Breaker. I’m so excited for you to dig into her wise words when it comes to why deep work is so important for us introverted bloggers.   Get to know Gina: Hey, Iā€™m Gina and I believe in the […]

Why Deep Work Will Help You Get More Done as an Introverted Blogger


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why I started a blog as an introvert

I’m a true introvert. I’m also an entrepreneur and a blogger. Now I may be biased, but I believe introversion and entrepreneurship are a match made in heaven.  I started my online business,, nearly two years ago now and I haven’t regretted that decision for a second. Blogging changed my life.  It gave me […]

Why I Started A Blog As An Introvert & How You Can Too

Start Your Blog

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