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50+ Things I Do As A Professional Blogger

February 16, 2020

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Honestly, I never thought I would be one to start a blog, let alone an online business. 

Blogging has changed my life and I do not regret starting a blog for a second.

It has changed how I look at my life by letting me explore the possibilities of making a full-time income online while helping other dreamers uplevel their lives in the process.

I am living the dream right now. ✨

But there is a whole lot that goes into blogging, especially if you’re a one-woman-show like I am. 

I am both the technician and the entrepreneur and I have yet to outsource tasks (hopefully looking to hire my first virtual assistant this year though).

The world of blogging is a jungle that can easily feel overwhelming.

I created this list of things I do regularly as a professional blogger to act as a helpful guide for newbie bloggers, but it was also an interesting article to write because as I brain dumped all the things I do as a blogger, I cleared my mind and helped myself in the process too.

This post was inspired by Alexis from Fitnancials.



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50 Things I Do As A Professional Blogger

1. Constantly test out and create new freebies for my email list

2. Write my weekly blog posts

3. Email my list every week with inspiration, motivation and special goodies via ConvertKit

4. Create beautiful pins and schedule them via Tailwind

5. Create digital products for my audience (Dream Morning, The Dreamer To Doer Academy and Dreamer To Blogger for example)

6. Reach out to and connect with other bloggers

7. Regularly go through the Pro Blogger Bundle courses and implement the strategies

8. Create beautiful quote graphics for my Instagram and Facebook page

9. Engage in my private Facebook group community

10. Have a content planning day every other Wednesday where I plan out blog posts ideas for coming months

11. Plan my weeks every Sunday using my Productivity Planner.

12. Schedule all my to-dos on my Google Calendar.

13. Listen to online marketing podcasts (my favorite is definitely Amy Porterfield!)

14. Do daily mindset work by journaling and meditating. With blogging comes much-needed mindset work. Having a supportive mindset as an entrepreneur is so important. In fact, we should never stop working on our mindsets, no matter what.

15. Go through my finances and pay taxes (luckily I have an accountant to help with this so I can focus on my business).

16. Set up new projects in Asana for promotional launches, new product ideas and make sure there’s generally a good workflow in everything I do related to my business. 

17. Make sure all my email list subscribers have complied with GDPR, delete any who hasn’t.

18. Check-in with Google Analytics daily to make sure page views are climbing and everything is working as it should.

19. Reply to all your lovely emails. ❤️

20. Organize my desktop and folders (delete any files I don’t need).

21. Welcome new members to my private Facebook community.

22. Post on Instagram.

23. Go on Instagram stories and engage with my followers.

24. Go through the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course to freshen up my Pinterest game.

25. Update my legal pages whenever needed.

26. Go through my affiliates and make sure I get paid every single month.

27. Go through old posts, update them for SEO and make sure they still align with my messaging. Blogging is a fluid thing, it will constantly grow and evolve. The things I blogged about almost two years ago, may or may not still be relevant for my audience. 

28. Reach out to iMark Interactive if something is bugging out with my blog.

29. Create infographics for blog posts and Pinterest.

30. Spell-check and edit blog posts using Grammarly.

31. Approve and reply to comments on my blog posts.

32. Come up with catchy titles for my blog posts and pins (they can be different).

33. Revamp and update my digital products if needed.

34. Add to my swipe file for inspiration and motivation. 

35. Attend blogging conferences and online events by people who inspire me.

36. Ask my audience how I can better serve them and provide them with amazing value through surveys or email.

37. Write guest blog posts for other bloggers. 

38. Constantly perfect my message and brand. 

39. Keep an eye on my display ads and make sure they aren’t jeopardizing the user experience.

40. I haven’t yet spent any money on paid traffic, it’s been all organic since I started. However, I would like to learn more about Facebook Ads this year. 

41. Hang out in the Female Entrepreneur Association and go through their masterclasses.

42. Organize my Google drive.

43. Respond to sponsored posts opportunities. 

44. Update and improve the sales pages for my digital products whenever needed. 

45. Keep track of my monthly blogging expenses.

46. Download the monthly photos from Social Curator (monthly membership for stock photos).

47. Update my favorite blogging tools page whenever I’ve found a new resource that I want to recommend to my readers. 

48. Add a pinnable pin to every blog posts so it’s easily shareable.

49. Go through the Stupid Simple SEO course and improve new and old posts for Google traffic. 

50. Update my sidebar with relevant and new links or freebies.

51. Dream big, set goals and constantly be making new and better plans for my blog.

52. Delete cold subscribers that aren’t opening my emails. 

53. Stay consistent with everything that I do. 



Things I do as a professional blogger

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Before You Go

As you can see, there is a whole lot that goes into the profession of blogging.

And quite frankly, I could keep adding to this list – and I think I just might.

The most important thing you can do as a newbie blogger is to stay consistent with your weekly content.

Amazing things happen to those who don’t quit when the road gets bumpy because, with blogging, it likely will. 

Keep going, stay in your lane, and deliver your message – no matter what.

Let me know in the comments below the things you do weekly in your blogging business and simply cannot miss! 

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    1. Anna says:

      Thanks Mia – this is an awesome list. I’ve been looking for a checklist of blogging tasks for ages 🙂

    2. Hi Mia. Till I created my blog I didn’t realize bloggers do the job of 4 or 5 people. It’s incredible how bloggers are so multi-knowledged. We are writers, social media managers, designers, students, good communications, and the list goes on. It’s absolutely crazy.

      38. Constantly perfect my message and brand. – My favorite one 🙂

    3. I definitely delete cold subscribers. After three unopened emails, I typically delete them. I prefer high engaged users

    4. Pallavi says:

      I love this list Mia!

      From the outside, blogging can look so simple and easy. But there’s really SO much work that goes into getting a blog up and keeping it running. When I first started my blog, I remember feeling utterly overwhelmed. Feels good to actually acknowledge that! ????

      Thanks for this post. ❤️

    5. Ashley says:

      Love this post, Mia! I think new bloggers are always surprised by the large amount of work it takes to run a blog, especially when you’re the only person doing a million things. It’s worth every second though!

      Make Life Marvelous

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