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I love personal development work, it’s changed my life – literally.
Now I’m super passionate to help you reap the benefits of personal growth too.
On this page, I’ve gathered all my articles related to introversion and personal growth
– everything from productivity tips to mindset.


how to be productive when working from home and remotely

staying productive working from home

How to stay productive (and sane) while working from home. Tips for working remotely. Let’s face it though, this ain’t a problem for us introverts.

How To Do A Weekly Review

how to do a weekly review

How to stay productive and on route with your goals by doing a weekly reset & review to set yourself up for success the following week.  

how to get more done with time blocking for bloggers

get things done with time blocking

Learn how to finally get things done by using the time- (or sometimes called calendar) blocking method that all productivity gurus swear by.

how to plan your day and stick to it like a true girl boss

how to plan your day & stick to it

I’ll admit it. I’m a planning addict. Learn how I plan out my days using my Google Calendar and how I then take action on those plans. 

Morning Routines

don't do this in the morning

12 things you really should avoid doing as soon as the sun hits your window in the morning. Skip these actions and say hello productivity!

things to do in the morning to be more productive

18 productive things to do in the morning

Have you ever heard that how you start your day will directly impact the rest of your day, week, month or even life? Truth! Here are 18 actions you can try.

what are morning pages?

Morning Pages are a way of journaling to spark creativity and inspiration. Try adding this practice to your morning routine. 

The best benefits of waking up early

why you should wake up before 6am

The many benefits of waking up before 6AM. It’s amazing what a few extra hours in the morning can do for your productivity, motivation, and workflow.

Goal Setting

how to achieve your goals this year

how to achieve your goals in 2020

I know we’re halfway through 2020, but it’s not too late to set and realize your goals, dreamer. 

goal setting mistakes

goal setting mistakes to avoid

Setting goals is a must to have success and get to the place you want to be – but avoid these common mistakes.

things I do before 8 AM to achieve my goals

goals: things i do before 8am

8 things I do before 8AM to stay on track with my goals. A few handy goal setting tips for ya! Morning routines FTW.

get more time to realize your dreams

How to get more time in your day for your goals and dreams. We all get 24 hours in a day, but there are things you can do…

Personal development.

Mindset, happiness, inspiration and habits.
A little bit of all the good stuff.

mindset hacks that will change your life

mindset hacks to change your life

A positive mindset is key to a happy life. When I learned how to manage my mind, my whole world changed.

how to get unstuck in life

how to get unstuck in life

Feeling stuck is the worst. The good thing is there are action steps you can take to get yourself from stuck to unstuck. 

how to not care what other people think

how to not care what people think

It’s human to want to be liked by everyone. But not worrying about what other people think can and will set you free. 

ways to invest in yourself

5 ways to invest in yourself

5 ways you can invest in yourself and your personal growth – and why investing in yourself is a must.


These posts are for the introvert who wants to feel a little less alone and a little less “different”.
Quiet people can do amazing things. Embrace your introvertness.

what is an introvert?

An in-depth article defining the wonders that is the introverted personality type. Your ultimate guide to introversion. 

The Best Personal Development Books For introverts

best books for introverts

The best personal development books for introverts. These books are life-changing – no joke. 

advantages of being an introvert

10 advantages of being an introvert

The benefits of having an introverted personality are many. In this post, I spill the beans on my favorite perks.

signs you're an introvert

13 signs you're an introvert

If you’re not sure if you have an introverted personality, you will definitely know after reading this article. 

confidence for introverts

Confidence for introverts

How to be more confident as an introvert and shine in an extroverted world. My top confidence tips for introverts!

Tools + resources.

My favorite resources for personal development.
It’s one thing to read about it, another to implement and do the work.
These tools will heelp you get results faster.

The Dreamer To Doer Academy online course

the dreamer to doer academy

My signature course that will transform you from full-time dreamer to full-time achiever. You’ll learn how to master your mindset and chase your dreams so you can finally have the results you want in your life.

dream morning ebeook

How to wake up feeling motivated, chase your dreams and create the perfect morning routine. In this ebook, I share exactly how I pursued my dreams before the 8AM mark. Workbooks included.

productivity planner review

productivity planner review

My honest thoughts about the Productivity Planner from Intelligent Change. A planner is a must-have for any introvert who is chasing and realizing her dreams. This planner has been by my side since the beginning.

five minute journal review

Journaling is one of those habits that goes hand in hand with personal development work. In this post, I talk about one of my go-to guided journals, the Five Minute Journal from Intelligent tChange.